Air Lockerbie Disaster - The truth must be known
  UK Families Flight 103  
     The truth must be known  
An appeal by the relatives and close friends of the UK victims among the 270 killed in the Lockerbie Air Disaster on December 21 1988

Although there have been several enquiries and a trial of two suspects by a Scottish Court in the Netherlands, the UK families group, representing the majority of the UK victims, does not accept that the full and true facts of the bombing have been satisfactorily explained.

At the trial in the Netherlands one suspect was acquitted and the other, who was convicted by circumstantial evidence, continues to appeal against the verdict.

The trial narrowly focused on securing the conviction of the two suspects. It did not attempt to answer the many unresolved questions surrounding the circumstances of the bombing including:

• Who instigated the crime?
• For what reason?
• Who else was involved?
• Why did the intelligence and security services fail to prevent the disaster?

The Libyan Government has accepted responsibility for the actions of its agents, but has not accepted responsibility for the outrage nor provided any information on the crime itself.

UK Families Flight 103 members remain deeply distressed by the inadequacy of the information provided on the circumstances of the bombing of the aircraft. We continue to demand that all the Governments concerned admit what they know about this largest man–made disaster in the U.K. In addition, we believe that lessons cannot be learnt from terrorist incidents if the full truth does not emerge.

In view of this lack of knowledge, UK Families Flight 103 appeals to anyone who has not been heard during the various investigations to come forward with any evidence, no matter how small, which has a bearing on this disaster.

Members of UK Families Flight 103 will do everything in their power to ensure that any restrictions on information supplied are scrupulously observed. They may, however, seek the informed permission of the sender to use that information in their pursuit of truth and justice.


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